Toddler in remission after beating stage 4 cancer

Photo credit: Chelsea Hughes

At just 21-months-old, Molly Hughes has overcome more than most adults.

When she was 4-months-old, the adorable little girl from Warren County, Kentucky was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma.

Her mother, Chelsea Hughes tells Fox 35 they were caught completely off guard.

"We had no idea she even possibly had cancer. After the CT scan, they found a softball size tumor in her abdomen."

From there, 15 months of grueling cancer treatments began--all before Molly could even walk.

"She went through 5 rounds of chemo, surgery, 2 stem cell transplants , 12 days of radiation and 6 rounds of immunotherapy. It was the worst year and a half of our lives."

But it all paid off when the family got the call they’ve been waiting for: Molly was cancer-free.

"OH HAPPY DAY!!!!" her mother wrote in a Facebook post. "Molly has some BIG news to share!!! Her scans were clear & showed no evidence of disease!! (NED!!!) There is NO active cancer left in her little body!!"

Now instead of surgery and radiation, Molly will be spending her days just how a toddler should: playing outside and just enjoying life. 

On Monday, little Molly will start a trial drug for 2 years that will help prevent a relapse. In the meantime, the family is planning a trip to Florida to celebrate the wonderful news--and it will be Molly's first time taking a swim!

"Our God is SO good!!! Thank you all for the prayers!!!!"