Tom Steyer touts new campaign to 'shop safe, shop local'

The state of California is launching a campaign to encourage more people to shop at small businesses in July.

The initiative is called, 'Shop Safe, Shop Local.'

Bay Area businessman and former presidential candidate, Tom Steyer, appeared on Wednesday's 'The Nine.'

Steyer is a chief adviser on Governor Gavin Newsom's business and jobs recovery task force.

Steyer talked about the campaign, which calls on Californians this month, to safely shop at neighborhood stores, including family-owned businesses, and those belonging to people of color - particularly Latinx and African Americans.

Shop Safe, Shop Local campaign

A Stanford study found that due to COVID-19, the number of active businessowners in the United States fell 22% from February to April.

Researchers say the hardest hit were minorities.

The number of active Latinx businessowners dropped 32%, and African American businessowners plummeted 41%.

Steyer said the state's efforts will include supplying more businesses with personal protective equipment, and helping these stores with e-commerce.