California lawmakers to vote on governor's reopening school plan

The parent advocacy group, Open Schools California, called the governor's plan a failure because it doesn't require minimum hours of instruction. Districts could reopen for as little as one hour of classroom instruction a week - and still count as reopened and qualify for the money.

California governor says deal to reopen schools in close but many questions remain

The most pressing questions focused on reopening schools. Would he consider forcing schools to reopen and or using his emergency powers to suspend local bargaining? Why do teachers unions have so much say when firefighters and grocery workers have to report to work in person? When specifically will schools reopen, and who is to blame for their failure to resume in-person classes so far?

Newsom to sign massive coronavirus relief package

California lawmakers on Monday cleared the way for 5.7 million people to get at least $600 in one-time payments, part of a state-sized coronavirus relief package aimed at helping those with low-to-moderate incomes weather the pandemic.