Tonya Couch released from jail after posting bond

Affluenza mom Tonya Couch was released from jail Tuesday morning after posting bond.

Couch actually had posted bond on Monday night, but had to wait until Tuesday morning to be released from jail because she had to be fitted with an ankle monitor. Couch walked out of the Tarrant County jail with two sheriff's deputies and took a two block walk to get her GPS ankle monitor in front of dozens of reporters and cameras.

Couch is charged with hindering the apprehension of her son, Ethan Couch. A judge on Monday reduced her bond from $1 million to $75,000.

During the hearing, Couch’s older son, Steven McWilliams, testified that she is broke and homeless. He is the power of attorney over her affairs, but he said he is locked out of her bank account.

“Last time I saw it, it was negative $99 billion,” he said.

Pete Schulte, an attorney and former police officer with no involvement in the case, talked to FOX 4 about the process. He said the bond reduction was not unexpected.

“Basically when we’re talking about bonds and getting people to jail we’ve got to remember that everybody is innocent until proven guilty in this country and in this state. So, bond is about getting someone to court to answer for the charge. The fact that the bond went from $1 million, which I understand why it was set so high when she wasn’t inside the state of Texas, but getting it reduced to $75,000 that’s still quite a bit of a bond for a third-degree felony in this case,” he said.

In addition to the ankle monitor, Couch has other bond restrictions. She will have to stay with McWilliams and will only be able to leave the house for legal or medical appointments.

She also cannot drink, do drugs or use a gun. She must report to a probation officer, submit to drug testing and pay a $60 per month fee for the ankle monitor.

Tonya and Ethan were arrested last month in Mexico. Investigators believe they fled while prosecutors were investigating whether Ethan violated his probation for a 2013 drunken driving crash that killed four people.

Ethan remains in an immigration detention center in Mexico City. He is due in court for a hearing to transfer to the adult probation system on Jan. 19, but is still fighting extradition.