Touching Mother's Day gift: Mom goes to son's prom after missing her own

(FOX NEWS) -- Here's a heartwarming story that's perfect for Mother's Day!

A mom got the thrill of a lifetime, attending her son's senior prom after missing her own 24 years earlier.

Belinda Smith and her son Danotiss appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" to talk about the amazing experience

"It was really nice. I really enjoyed all the kids, all my family and friends that came out and supported me," Belinda said. "I couldn't have asked for [a] better Mother's Day gift."

Belinda revealed that her mother passed away from leukemia in 1985, so she went to live with her grandmother. Her dire financial situation left her unable to participate with classmates in school activities such as prom.

Danotiss said that he wanted his mom to have the experience and be able to say that she went to prom, so he asked her to be his date.

"I just thought it was special," he explained.

"The corsage, everything, it was just wonderful," Belinda gushed. "My girlfriends came over and my cousin and they just pampered me and helped me with my makeup and they just took care of me. I didn't have to worry about anything."

Watch the feel-good video above.