Tree topples on historic Pleasanton Baptist church

The incredible winds across the Bay Area on Tuesday left a big mess behind.

One of those messes is at the historic Lighthouse Baptist Church on Neal and Second streets in Pleasanton.

That's where a giant oak tree toppled on top of the church about 11:30 a.m., which a neighbor captured on video. 

The tree took part of the roof down with it. 

The wife of the church's pastor says there were about 20 people inside when it happened - but luckily, everyone including about a dozen elementary-school students were in a different part of the building.

"I heard this big pop and I said, 'Ruby, we've got to get out of here!' " Carol Bryson said. "Something's going on."

She said the only thing that was destroyed was the nursery, which is really only used during Sunday services. 

The home next door wasn't badly damaged by the falling tree but it does look like the branches hit part of the roof.

The church is a historic building, built in 1876.

It has been yellow-tagged, which means it can be used on a limtied basis, so services and the school here -can continue.