Tree vandal cuts down San Jose trees

Someone is deliberately killing trees in San Jose, and the same neighborhood has been attacked twice.

It's happening just outside the Willow Glen neighborhood in San Jose.

Volunteers suspect the vandal sawed off the trunks in the middle of the night.

Twenty three Chinese Fringe and Yew Pine were hit along Meridian near Dry Creek. Exactly three weeks ago, 23 other trees had their trunks hacked off on the other side of the street. They now have signs saying " this tree was murdered."

The trees were all planted by local non profit called Our City Forest.

Thousands of dollars were spent on the trees and volunteers spent many hours planting them. They were put there to beautify the area, but to also help filter air, and absorb noise along the busy thouroughfare. A total of 46 trees are now gone.

We know a police report was filed in the first case, but there are no leads to as who may have done this and why. The city councilman who represents the district is offering a reward leading to the arrest of the vandal.