Tripp Halstead's family thanks first responders on 4th anniversary of accident

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Saturday, October 29, marks four years since Tripp Halstead was critically injured outside his Winder, Georgia daycare center when a tree limb fell on him. The family used the anniversary of the accident to celebrate Tripp's life, and thank everyone who made his recovery possible. 

In 2012, Tripp suffered severe brain injuries and spent months at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta following the accident. Today, he is still on the road to recovery, but continues to improve with a family who loves him dearly. 

On Saturday, in honor of the anniversary, the Halstead family is thanking first responders for saving Tripp's life.

Ahead of the anniversary, they had family portraits made and turned them into "thank you" postcards, which they are handing out firefighters and police officers.

The first stop Saturday morning was the Winder Fire Department. FOX 5's Jaclyn Schultz was there as the Halsteads exchanged hugs and thanked first responders.

“We just want you to know he’s getting better every single day," Stacy said.

The family was also reunited with the nurse who rushed to help Tripp at the accident scene, before an ambulance arrived. 

"Everybody was in the right place at the right time," said Lee Perkins, in tears during the reunion, who is an ICU nurse. "I'm just glad he's good," she said. Her husband also removed the tree branch off of Tripp's head. 

Lt. Marty Garner was also reunited with Tripp and his family; he was one of the first responders on the scene to treat Tripp. 

"To be told thank you, and to see the success, is more rewarding than anything we could get," Lt. Garner said. 

Stacy also presented people with framed pictures of her family. In the photo a sign reads "Boom -- Without you guys this picture would not exist, thank you."

The next stop was the Ronald McDonald House in Atlanta to deliver food and toiletries, which they have been collecting over the past month to give back to families who currently stay there. The family resided at the location while Tripp was hospitalized for five months. 

"It was our life saver for five months," Stacy said.

The final stop Saturday was Children's Healthcare of Atlanta to deliver toys for young patients.

"Tripp would not be here without CHOA," his mother told FOX 5. Tripp has also had three surgeries at the hospital within the past year, all to his hip, skull and spine, which his family says has greatly improved his condition. 

The family ended the day with a party with loved ones to celebrate Tripp's progress.


"We are going to make it a great day," Stacy said earlier this week. "Giving back to those who so graciously gave to us when we were in need." 

Over the past four years, Stacy has shared many positive updates regarding Tripp's progress, as well as some heartbreaking thoughts as she remembers her son's tragic accident. 

Earlier this month, Stacy drove to Tripp's old daycare center in Winder, where she snapped a photo of the tree that almost took her son's life. 

"I hate this stupid tree," she said. "I kicked it and punched it and spit on it."

Stacy said the daycare has since moved, so the building is now abandoned.

"I can cry here and no one can tell me to leave," she said. "I am so thankful that Tripp is alive. I look at that sweet face every day and can't imagine living without him."

Tripp has had several major surgeries this year, which included operations on his skull, spine and hips. Last week Tripp had an x-ray and his parents learned his spine looks awesome, with the rods perfectly in place. 

"Thank you all for your prayers and support. Love you all."

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