Trump holds exclusive Bay Area fundraiser

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There were no big crowds of protesters or crowds of admirers waiting outside the gated Woodside home when Donald Trump's motorcade quietly rolled by to the exclusive Republican fundraising dinner Monday night.

The event, hosted by Saul Fox, a conservative who founded the private equity firm, Fox Paine and Company, came at a high price. Tickets for the fundraising dinner reportedly ranged from $25,000 up to the maximum limit of nearly $450,000.

By seven o'clock, a few dozen cars had passed through the gates. One driver said she had traveled from St. Helena to meet Mr. Trump.

Sources told KTVU there were fewer than 50 invitations that went out to this exclusive fundraiser. One Republican said it reached capacity, and some who were interested in attending were unable to go.

All day on the quiet wooded street of Winding Way, the law enforcement officers and steady stream of activity in front of the gated home was a clear sign to residents in this small, affluent town of Woodside that once again presidenital politics had come to town.

"There's a lot of high-tech people here so it's not unusual for presidential candidates to visit this area," said.Joan Sullivan, a Woodside resident.

Those candidates have included the Clintons, President Barack Obama, and on Monday night, Donald Trump.

In town, some people said they were discouraged by what they see as big money politics continuing as usual.

"I guess they're just raising money and it's not about the people anyway, it's just who can get the most money," said Ken Larson of  Walnut Creek.

Others said they don't mind.

"Quite honestly, I'm not a Trump supporter, but you know I think that's great, if he can do fundraising here and it's here for him, good for him," Joan Sullivan said.

Some Hillary Clinton signs had been placed along the road the day before.

"People have their political positions and I think it's as polarized here as anywhere else," said Meryl Selig, a Woodside resident who says she does not support Trump.

Selig says it doesn't surprise her that Trump's visit was so low key.

"Too contentious this year, the feelings are too raw and so you don't really want to be in social situations where things get really contentious and heated," Selig said.

Donald Trump's motorcade slipped quietly away about 8:50 p.m., after he spent nearly two hours taking photoas and meeting with people at the dinner.

Trump leaves the Bay Area and is expected to hold his next fundraiser in Tulare County on Tuesday.