Trump supporters, protesters flock to Rochester for campaign stop

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Plenty of supporters as well as protesters arrived in Rochester, Minn. ahead of President Donald Trump’s campaign stop Thursday.

Trump supporters were already gathering on Wednesday with about 50 people lining up at the Civic Center at 5 a.m. to make sure they were first in the door for the rally. They camped overnight with great enthusiasm, despite the fact they were up all night.

“I’m dedicated, we love our president, our president loves us, so it’s a little love fest,” said Joe Thom of Lakefield, Minn. “It’s probably better than the tailgate parties they have nowadays. We, us deplorables, are tight bonded and together we have a mission to make sure that we support our president through everything.”

Later in the day, there was a Greater Than Fear anti-Trump protest. About 200 people gathered for the event, marching, chanting and holding signs that demonstrated why they’re against President Trump. One lady even rode in a small carriage pulled by her donkey.

“Well, if you know what the Democratic and Republican symbols are – the elephant and the donkey – I don’t think you can get – I bet they don’t have an elephant,” said Sue Lockling of Farmington, Minn. 

The march lasted about an hour and ended at Soldier’s Park. It was peaceful and there were no real confrontations or disruptions.