Two 18-year-olds killed in suspected DUI crash, three others seriously injured

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Two teenagers died and three other suffered major injuries in a solo car crash in Walnut Creek early Sunday morning.  

The crash happened on eastbound Highway 24 near the Interstate 680 interchange at about 4 a.m. when the car veered off the road, went flying off an overpass and falling down 150 feet, landing on Boulevard Circle. 

Two 18-year-old men were pronounced dead at the scene.  Three 18-year-old women, including the driver, were taken to the hospital with major injuries.  

The driver, 18-year-old Ramya Ramey of Antioch, survived and is facing several felony charges. The California Highway Patrol blamed the crash on underage drinking but Ramey’s family disputes that conclusion.

“No toxicology reports have come back,” said Ramey’s cousin, Anisha Hackney. “They questioned Mya’s mother but Mya’s mother was not in the car so she couldn’t speak to whether or not there was underage drinking so at this time it’s allegations and suspicions.”

However, the CHP told KTVU there was in fact information and evidence that alcohol was involved in the crash.

CHP Public Information Officer Brandon Correia said at the hospital Ramey was arrested on charges of manslaughter and felony DUI. 

“Unfortunately this is a preventable collision because there was underage drinking involved and not only has the driver suffered major injuries herself but she’s facing manslaughter charges felony charges that have very stiff sentences,” he said.

Ramey recently graduated as an honor student from Deer Valley High School in Antioch and was planning to start college in just a week and a half.  Ramey’s family said they are praying for all the families touched by the tragedy. 

Anisha Hackney asked the public not to rush to judgment. “If alcohol was involved we have to take the situation for what it is,” she said.  “And now help them all move their lives forward.”