Two more dogs poisoned by meth in San Jose

An animal clinic in San Jose says two more dogs have mistakenly ingested meth while on a walk. 

This comes days after another case and now, vets are asking pet owners to be on the lookout when out with their dogs.  

Veterinarians say this is not a new thing but in the last few months, the number of cases involving dogs ingesting drugs is growing. 

No one expects their dog or pet to get sick after simply taking a walk, but Med Vet Silicon Valley says that’s exactly what’s been happening.  

"Historically, we would see a handful of cases a year. Now our doctors are seeing one or two cases a month," said Terra Schropp, Med Vet Silicon Valley Hospital Director.    

Schropp says she thinks pets are accidentally ingesting meth in areas where people are using the drug on the streets, particularly near some homeless encampments.   

"It just brings to light the fact that San Jose and the entire Bay Area needs to do a better job of what’s happening on their streets, right?" said dog owner, Allie Monge.

This dog owner says though she doesn’t walk her dog in high-traffic areas, she’s now on high alert and keeping a close eye on her own dog.  

"Dogs are naturally curious, right? They see something different, something shiny, and something that maybe smells different. So, they’re going to explore it. They don’t know if it’s good or bad," Monge said.  

David Espinal told KTVU his dog was behaving strangely, so he took his Husky to the vet after an evening walk last week.   

"Come home. Eats his dinner. About 30 minutes later, he begins to pace around our apartment," Espinal.  

Schropp says take precautions when walking your dog.

"If you’re concerned, if your dog…starts showing aggression, twitching, hyper-excitability. Bring them in to [an] emergency clinic right away," Schropp said.  

Animal control says if an animal ingests a large enough dose of drugs, it can lead to trimmers, seizures or even death.