U2 concert sells out Santa Clara Levi's Stadium, goes past curfew

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One of the world's most popular bands performed at Levi’s Stadium Wednesday night. Some 50,000 fans attended the sold-out U2 concert. City leaders aren’t too pleased with how the event was handled.

Legendary rock band U2 rocked Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara part of its Joshua Tree World Tour. Fans flocked for the band's only Bay Area stop.
“I love U2,” said Brian Petraska of Oakland. “I have all their albums. I’ve seen them live before. Bono is amazing.”

However, what’s taken center stage prior to Bono and company's performance is how Levi’s Stadium Management, the 49ers, managed the event.

On its web site, it states the concert is expected to end at 11 p.m. Back in January, the city rejected the 49ers request to extend the week night curfew. Mayor Lisa Gillmor said residents complained after the Beyonce concert went past 10.

“We are a little upset about it because the 49ers planned to break the law with our noise ordinance,” said Gillmor. “It has caused us tremendous amount of problems.”

Among those problems include arranging public transit after the concert for an estimated 5,000 fans.

“We estimate it's roughly about 60-65,000 per event when you add up train operators and security,” said Stacey Ross of Valley Transportation Authority.

Right now, the cost is trickling down to Santa Clara County taxpayers.

“When the whole of the county are paying for services to go to one venue for a finite number of people it doesn't seem really fair,” said Ross.

The 49ers said they were shocked when VTA asked for a reimbursement. The team said it was unclear why since they haven’t had to pay for extra service for other non NFL events.

The team also said it's unfair the city granted neighboring Great America curfew extensions. Neighbors said they don't mind having U2 play in their backyard just not tonight.

“Not tonight,” said Miguel Alvarez of Santa Clara. “Why not on a Friday or a Saturday night when it's more convenient for us when we don't have to wake up early and go to sleep early?”

The VTA said it's prepared to provide 8-12 extra trains after the concert. The agency is also working on a new policy on how to handle transportation for special events not just at Levi’s Stadium but other venues including the SAP Center and Avaya Stadium.