United flight slides off snowy runway at O'Hare

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - A United Airlines flight from San Francisco skidded on a snowy runway at O’Hare International Airport on Friday morning.

“I've never been on a plane that skidded off a runway before,” said passenger Arjun Patel.

Patel was one of the youngest passengers on the flight.

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“No, it was really a good experience,” Patel said.

The plane went off the runway upon arrival, according to Chicago Department of Aviation spokeswoman Karen Pride.

United Airlines spokesman Charlie Hobart said buses were being used to bring customers back to the gate.

A passenger on the plane, Don Dodge, said the landing felt normal.

"Honestly we didn't even realize we were sliding off the runway. It was so gentle it felt normal," Dodge said. "Until the captain came on and said 'remain in your seats with seatbelts fastened.' We looked out the window and said 'whoa, we're not on the runway, we're off in the snow.'"

Dodge said the plane came to a stop off the left-hand side of the runway and emergency vehicles were helping passengers off the plane.

Dodge added that shuttles were transporting passengers from the plane to the terminal.

“It started off as a normal landing. Plane touched down, he started to apply the brakes. And it just started to skid out a little bit,” said passenger Brian Clark.

Lisa White and her family were returning to Cuba City in southwest Wisconsin from their Hawaiian vacation

“For us, this is our stop, it was all the other people I felt bad for, trying to make connections,” White said.

“Couple people that needed to catch a connecting fliight, they were the most rambunctious, I guess you could say,” said husband Todd White.

No injuries were reported. The FAA is investigating.

The city Department of Aviation did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It’s the second time in the last three weeks that a plane has skidded off that runway.