2 arrested after shooting at Skyline High School in Oakland

Two people were arrested and two others were detained on Tuesday following a shooting at Skyline High School in Oakland, according to police.

No one was injured, according to the police department, despite a gun being found on campus. 

Oakland police Capt. Jake Bassett would not say if those in custody are students at Skyline. Investigators say they weren't prepared to discuss what led up to the shooting. 

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Police activity at Oakland's Skyline High School on Sept. 5, 2023.

The calls about the shots fired came in about 11:30 a.m., leading staff to lock down the school, police said.

One parent told KTVU that she received a text from the school at 11:35 a.m. about "questionable" activity at Skyline. Then, about 11:50 a.m., she received word that the school was on lockdown. Her son, she said, was safe. 

Aerial video just before noon showed patrol cars on campus, located at 12250 Skyline Boulevard.

California Highway Patrol officers and Alameda County sheriff's deputies also responded to the school.

Students were released at about 2 p.m. once the all-clear was given.

"Scary and it shouldn't have to be like this," said parent Yolanda Mesa. 


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"Rest assured that you guys, your children are safe," assistant principal Coron Brinson told parents who were gathered at the school's main gate. 

"There was a shooting on campus, they weren't shooting at any particular person, but there was a gun found on campus," Brinson said.

Gunshots rang out on campus. 

"We heard a gunshot, but it was like a little faint like it was far, so we weren't tripping. And then "boom boom!" there was two more! And everybody started running," said student Desiree Allen. 

Parents also rushed to campus, waiting for hours to reunite with their kids. Streets near the school were jammed as word spread of the shooting. 

"I'm just surprised that this happened, especially to my school. I didn't think this would happen," said Adrian Santos, a student.

Parent Jasmine Phillip said that they "might need to start looking at some metal detectors or at least all the Oakland schools, but this one definitely because things keep happening."

Oakland school district spokesman John Sasaki had this message: "Stop engaging in violence in all forms. Whatever the conflict that you might have, whether it's in the city or anywhere else, it's not worth the consequences."

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