UNLIKELY BOND: Bella the cat and Poppy the rabbit forge a loving friendship

It's an unusual bond: Bella, a rescue cat from a New Zealand shelter and a fluffy rabbit named Poppy have become quite a pair.  

When Giverny Forbes brought Poppy home, she said that she was concerned about the bunny's small size and that her cat might accidentally injure the furry Flemish Giant-Angora rabbit.

But it was clear from the beginning, that would not be a problem.

Forbes said that Bella instantly took to her new house-mate and the next thing she knew, the cat began grooming the long-eared critter.

The grooming has now become a ritual between the two pets, a bonding moment that occurs as many as 20 times a day.

In fact, it seems the ritual has become one of Poppy's favorite things, as she demands licks from Bella all the time, according to Forbes.

The two animals have become inseparable. At any given moment, they're found cuddling, just lounging around with one another, hanging out in the garden together or of course engaging in a grooming session. 

Forbes said Bella and Poppy are like sisters. The proud pet owner has started chronicling the love between the improbable couple on social media. 

Those seeking some animal cuteness therapy can check out Bella and Poppy's adventures here on Instagram and Facebook.