Unpaid Uber drivers express frustrations with instant pay glitch

Some Uber drivers are not getting paid due an issue with the instant pay feature on the app for company’s drivers. 

Geoffrey Overlee, an Uber driver, said he first noticed the app had a problem on Sept. 6 and the problem has persisted for more than a week. As a result, he is waiting to get paid nearly $1,300.

“They’ve been continually telling us that it would be corrected within 24 hours,” Overlee said. “We still can’t access the money.”

A 24-7 Uber driver support hotline has an automated message telling drivers to be aware that there is a known issue with some completed trips showing up as a payment of zero on their app.

Overlee said he and other drivers went to an Uber maintenance location in Daly City to voice their concerns.

“We're in a situation where for a lot of us we have bills every day, we pay tolls every day, we pay gas every single day,” he said.

A spokesman for Uber released the following statement:

"We have identified an issue affecting drivers’ visibility into their trip earnings and our Instant Pay feature. Drivers will be paid for all trips and we sincerely regret any inconvenience. We are working to quickly resolve the issue. As always, drivers in California will see their weekly earnings deposited directly into their account for every trip they have taken after being processed on Tuesdays at noon."

Uber would not say how many drivers were affected.

“There's a lot of people who went in there on Monday and they left thinking it would be fixed on Tuesday and they haven't been back. They don't realize we're all going through the same issue,” Overlee added.