Lisa the elephant shows signs of improvement at Oakland Zoo

The Oakland Zoo says Lisa the elephant is taking strides in the right direction after having an ulcer removed from her eye. 

"There’s still some minor irritation, but the ulcer is resolved," said Dr. Saddler, the veterinarian in charge of Lisa's care at the Oakland Zoo.

The team caring for Lisa has new a concern: her front feet.

"Because Lisa has been having trouble lying down, she has been scuffing her feet more, wearing the pads on her feet down," said Dr. Saddler.

A veterinarian at the Oakland Zoo tend to Lisa the elephant's feet on July 24, 2022. 

Experts say elephants can sleep standing up, but on average they lie down for two-four hours a night to give their bones and joints a rest. 

Dr. Sadler applied a topical pad hardener to help toughen up Lisa’s front feet, and they will continue to apply it for another week. 

Zoo officials say Lisa is also taking daily dips in the pool, which helps her joints and feet.