UPS driver rescues puppy from road

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Animal control officers call him 'Biscuit' but his name very well could be 'Lucky.'

The three-month-old Cairn Terrier was rescued from the roadway by UPS driver Jason Harcrow, while he was delivering packages in the Stanislaus County community of Hughson.

Harcrow says he was on his route on Hatch and Mountain View when he saw a driver drop the puppy in the middle of the road and then speed away. 

"I thought the car in front of me was going to hit it, then it went underneath mine and I'm looking out the mirrors and I had seen it dodging under my big tires," Harcrow said.

He picked up the puppy, put it on his lap and drove to the police station where he called animal services.

"It was just a busy road, I wanted to make sure it didn't go out there again just being a puppy," he said.

Animal control says Biscuit is healthy and should be up for adoption next week.