Vacaville residents receive racist threat in their mailbox

When Marc Yu of Vacaville left his home for work Wednesday morning, he found something shocking. 

“I stopped by my mailbox and this was sticking out of my mailbox.” Yu said. 

It was a disturbing and racist typewritten letter that said things like: “The community is making this request that you find another place to live,” and “Your interracial family is not welcome here.” 

Yu said seven of the eight houses in a row, including his, belong to multi-racial families. He referred to his neighbors— a husband who identifies as white and his wife who is Chinese. 

And there’s more multi-racial families next door. 

One neighbor, who did not want to go on camera, went down the row of houses, describing his Filipino and East Indian neighbors who are in interracial marriages.

Kelley Natividad, a neighbor, said she was shocked. 

“As I kept reading it, it just got worse and worse and very offensive. It’s just frustrating to know that [there are] people [who] are obviously racist in our community,” she said. 

The letter also makes references to the Yu’s being renters.

“Renters like yourselves cannot possibly afford a home in our area,” one line read. It continued: “We will contact your landlord and tell them to evict you if you don’t vacate in the next 60 days.” 

Marc Yu and his wife assured they did afford their home; they bought the house last November. 
The letter they received was not signed and is anonymous. 

“It’s very disturbing. Very troubling. I think it’s always best to err on the side of caution, allow us to look into the matter to find out the history. At this point we don’t know if there’s any crimes,” said Lt. Mark Donaldson with Vacaville Police. 

Police said they will look into the letter.