Vallejo police search for suspects in birthday party shooting

Vallejo Police are looking for whoever fired shots into a crowd of teenagers over the weekend, just as they were leaving a birthday party.

Vallejo Police are looking for whoever opened fire on the crowd of teenagers over the weekend.

Police are telling KTVU a birthday party had ended when a crowd of teenagers was on the street when the gunfire broke out.

Neighbors tell KTVU they were rattled as the gunfire broke out.

Neighbor Ian Darnell told KTVU, “A bullet whizzed by my head and then it's insane to see a bunch of little kids get shot like that"

Police initially told KTVU that 8 teenagers were injured by gunfire, and one more injured as the crowd tried to run away.

Police say two suspects in ski masks were in a car waiting for the 14-year-old girl's party to end. Then those suspects opened fire.

Family members of the girl didn't want to appear on camera, but told KTVU they have no idea why anyone would have targeted anyone in the crowd.

Police say they do not believe this was a random shooting. They believe the gunmen were targeting someone in that crowd.

Investigators are looking for witnesses in this case to come forward.