Veterans with PTSD improve well-being through golf program

Veteran Tim Young spent 26 years in the air force as a pararescue. But the memories of so many dangerous missions haven’t gone away, and he suffers from PTSD. That’s why veterans like Tim are playing golf. In fact, his doctor ordered him to play in this golf program especially for vets.

"I find it pretty easy to isolate myself," he told FOX 2. "To come on out, it's a big step for guys and gals like us to find we have other comrades in arms going through the same thing."

The PGA’s HOPE stands for Helping Our Patriots Everywhere, and introduces golf to Veterans with disabilities to enhance their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. There are 80 HOPE locations serving 4,700 veterans across the country. 

Although pro golfers teach them the game, it’s not entirely about golf.

"It's not really about the golf. Come in, come together, meet other vets and have a good time," said Dr. David Joseph of the Oakland Vet Center. "A huge part of trauma which is the basis of PTSD is that you lose connection. Trauma keeps you separate from other people. And here's a safe place where veterans can rebuild that.”

Watch the video to see how these veterans are improving their lives.