Victim in brutal Oakland slaying in front of dozens of children identified

Witnesses say dozens of children were at a neighborhood park in East Oakland when someone rode up on a motorcycle and opened fire on a man who was watching his kids.

It happened shortly before sunset at Concordia Park on 64th Avenue at about 5:30 Wednesday evening. 

The victim was a high-school basketball coach and a father of three.

Police describe the deadly shooting as brazen. 

On Thursday afternoon, there was an eerie calmness as police investigators collected evidence at the park.

Neighbors say the laughter of children playing is now silenced after a man was shot and killed during youth football practice.

"The fact that they're shooting in this park with kids. They're not caring about these kids that's out here it's devastating," says Dawn Skelton, a neighbor.

A friend has identified the victim as Reuben Lewis of the East Bay.

He's the father of three young sons.

Lewis was at the park to pick up two of them from football practice.

"This man was laying here dying and his children were right over there watching that," says Skelton.

Skelton shows KTVU cell phone video she took of the chaotic scene, "There were kids everywhere practicing football. To see those kids grabbing their stuff, their belongings by the man. That hurt me. Why would you do that in a park with kids?" 

Oakland Fire Department says an off-duty firefighter who was there as a parent, tried to resuscitate Lewis.

Skelton says children witnessed the shooting.  

"With kids all around, who does that? They're going to be remembering seeing this motorcycle pull up and shoot a man, so how do you think this is going to affect these kids?" says Skelton. 

The Oakland Police Department has not confirmed or denied what Skelton said transpired.

Lewis died at the scene. Police say a 36-year-old suspect turned himself in Wednesday night and that he's under arrest.

"The idea that someone would be so brazen as to come into a place that's sacred," says Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong, "Just the worst thing you can ever experience as a chief is knwoing that the young people in your community was exposed to senseless violence."  

A friend of Lewis says he worked as a food vendor at Oakland Coliseum and that he was a Golden State Warriors fan.  

The 38-year-old victim is also a junior varsity basketball coach at Ygnacio Valley High School in Concord.

"We got to start being better, especially when there's children around," says Skelton. 

Police have not released the suspect's identity or a motive.

A friend of Lewis says he suspects jealousy is the motive for the killing.