Victims' families rally against Alameda County DA Pamela Price at Fremont town hall

A group of residents rallied Wednesday night against Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price ahead of a town hall meeting in Fremont.  

Victim's families accused her of being light on crime.

But Price said justice is her main priority.

There was a large turnout at the event held at Niles Discovery Church in Fremont.  

Some people who want to recall the district attorney attended the meeting and briefly disrupted it.

"I need your help," Anna Toletino yelled out during the meeting, trying to get the DA's attention about her son's case. 

She said he was killed during a road rage incident in San Lorenzo.  

The brief disruption came about one hour into the town hall meeting.  Toletino was among a few audience members who openly expressed their frustration. The event had largely been uneventful until those outbursts. 

"The police's hands are tied. So what if they catch the criminals? They're not being prosecuted," said Lillian Barrera of Fremont.  

It was anger and emotion that started with a rally outside held by people who want to recall Price, who's been on the job only since January.    

"I voted for Pamela Price and I feel stupid right now," said Patricia Harris.  She and her husband said their son, Jarin Purvis, is a homicide victim. 

They're upset that the person responsible for shooting and killing their son is charged with involuntarily manslaughter instead of the original charge of murder with special circumstances.

The district attorney said it was an accidental shooting. 

The victim's parents disagree. 

"She won't meet with us to explain how she came to her decision. She said she's busy with her budget," said Harris.  

"We have 6,000 victims we're serving so it's not fair for me to pick and choose one family over another," said Price when asked about supporting and listening to victim's families.

Those participating in the rally included Gina Nishita, the wife of security guard Kevin Nishita.

He was shot and killed while guarding a television news crew in Oakland. 

Gina said the trial is set for November yet the district attorney has not informed her what charges the suspects will face.

"It makes me feel horrible because going to court, thinking what's going to happen. It's an awful situation," she said. 

Price took only written questions that were submitted before and during the town hall.  She addressed property crime by saying that the county is receiving $2 million from the state to fight organized retail theft prosecution.  

"It will be used to fund, these dollars are hard to come by, it will fund a prosecutor, an inspector and a legal assistant," said Price

She said $300,000 of that grant will go towards a restorative justice program.

Recall organizers said they have to make changes in their petition as requested by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters. They hope to collect 93,000 signatures in time for the June ballot. 
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