VIDEO: 3-year-old Minnesota girl racing with sled dogs

Jennifer and Blake Freking own Manitou Crossing Kennels in Finland, Minn., home to 58 Siberian Huskies and 15 Alaskans who compete in long-distance sled dog races throughout the United States and Canada. They’ve finished four Iditarods, the 2005 Yukon Quest, 10 Beargrease Marathons (with one first-place finish) and several other races.

However, perhaps more impressive than their commitment to their dogs are their two girls. Nicole, 3, and Elena, 5, are preparing to race in the Beargrease Sled Dog Race Cub Run at the end of January.

The Frekings began working with Siberian Huskies about 20 years ago and joined together in 2000 “with the goal of establishing a strong line of Siberian Huskies and raising and training their dogs in the best way possible," their Facebook page reads.