VIDEO: Alligator eats alligator in Lakeland

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A photographer in Lakeland captured a stunning series of photos of a large alligator eating another alligator at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland.

Octavia Heart said she was looking for ospreys in flight April 10 when she spotted the large gator on Marsh Rabbit Run. "I watched him for about an hour eat half of the little guy and he took the other half in a doggy bag to go," she said.

She believes that "little guy" was about seven feet long.

Video shows the larger gator splashing and flipping the smaller gator around before trying to consume it.

"This little guy was just in the wrong territory of mating season, I'm sure," Heart said.

She believes this is the same gator that went viral two years ago for eating another alligator in a series of similar photos. She also says this video should serve as a reminder to keep your pets off the trails and your children extra close.