Video: Angry customer hurls burrito and napkin dispenser at restaurant worker

Restaurant workers encounter all types of customers, but some are incredibly difficult to service.

An angry customer at a San Francisco restaurant took things to the extreme when he lashed out at a cashier, throwing objects and food at the man, police said.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Feb.2,  at around 6:30 p.m. the suspect entered a restaurant located on the 5400 block of Geary Boulevard.

Police said he walked up to the front counter to place his order and at some point became agitated and verbally abusive to the restaurant staff.

A kitchen worker tried to de-escalate the situation and handed the suspect a burrito, but that seemed to only make matters worse. 

Surveillance video shows the suspect reaching over the counter and hitting the cashier with his cellphone. 

He doesn't stop there. 

He then launches the burrito he ordered at the cashier before hurling a metal napkin dispenser, which struck and injured the employee, police said. 

But he still wasn't finished.

The suspect also damaged the restaurant’s electronic counter equipment on his way out.

The suspect is described as a Latin male, 45-50 years old, 5’9”, approximately 180 pounds. He was last seen wearing blue jeans and a black San Francisco 49ers T-shirt with "Bosa 97" written on the back.