VIDEO: Arsonist sets SUV on fire in Stockton

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The Stockton Police Department is circulating surveillance video of a brazen arson, hoping someone can help identify the man seen lighting an SUV on fire.

"We don't usually have problems like that in this neighborhood," neighbor Kim Kearney said.

Surveillance video from a home near 9200 Neville Way shows a man pouring flammable liquid on a car before lighting it on fire.

He then left the scene in a dark SUV.

The incident happened on Saturday, March 3.

"We definitely need to figure out who this man is and ask him why he did what he did and put him in jail where he belongs," Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva said.

No one was hurt.

Kearney has lived on the street for 40 years. She says her neighbor moved in last year and this isn't the first time someone has targeted his cars.

"He's had the tires slashed on both of them, multiple time," she said. "The other car he used to also drive, someone threw a Molotov cocktail, I was told, into the driver's side and it completely burned it up."

Police said those incidents are part of their investigation. What police need to know as soon as possible is who this bold man is, who casually lit a car on fire with a cigarette in his mouth in broad daylight.

"We need to get him off the streets before he continues with this type of brazen activity," Silva said.

The police department asks that anyone with information call (209) 937-8377.