Video: Firefighter training drill turns into surprise proposal

When she was told to take off her mask at the end of a training drill, what firefighter Becca Pelletier saw in front of her made her weak in the knees.

On April 1, Pelletier had just wrapped up what was supposed to be a routine weekly exercise, and as she looked up to take off her oxygen mask, she was overcome with emotion.

Her boyfriend and fellow firefighter, Lt. Kelby Ueltschi, was waiting for her on bended knee with an engagement ring in hand. 

In front of him stood two other members of their fire department who were in on the surprise as they held up a hose with the words, "Will you marry me?" on it. 

Video posted on Facebook by the Barneveld Fire Department, showed a shocked Pelletier who finally manages to take off that mask, and then bursts out with a big "Yes!" before she rushes over to embrace her new fiancé. 

In the post, the fire department extended the happy couple warm wishes and congratulations and expressed that they loved being a part of the romantic moment. "Our fire department is like a big family," the department said, "and we were excited that we could assist with the proposal."

This story was reported from Oakland, Calif.