VIDEO: Illegal fireworks show in East San Jose injures 2 men

New video surfaced on Tuesday of an illegal fireworks show in East San Jose from Monday night that left two men seriously injured.

At last check, one man is still in the hospital and police said he could lose an eye. At least one neighbor said it's the worst he's seen it, despite increased enforcement and stiffer penalties this year.

Cell phone video captures an all out aerial fireworks show on Everglade Avenue in east San Jose around 10 p.m. Monday night. Explosives are going off as car alarms are sounding off in the video. Within minutes, you hear people screaming and yelling. People rush to the aid of a man lying on the ground. A neighbor takes off his shirt to cover the injured man's face.

Police said another man was injured. Both men were rushed to the hospital. On Aptos Avenue in San Jose, fireworks are to blame for setting a tree on fire dangerously close to a home. Neighbors doused the blaze.

"Maybe the message wasn't clear," said San Jose City Councilmember Johnny Khamis."Maybe people didn't know about it because there were a lot of illegal fireworks last night."

Khamis pushed for stronger enforcement this year. He said he's disappointed with Monday night's results. Police responded to 29 calls of illegal fireworks and for the first time issued a dozen citations wth fines of $500.

"There were several illegal displays," said Khamis. "I think our forces were stretched. Our fire departments were everywhere. Unfortunately the situation is really getting out of hand."

Some residents said allowing safe and sane fireworks may help stop illegal fireworks. City leaders said the proposal was shot down a few years back by the fire department, concerned with San Jose's foothills.