VIDEO: Neighborhood fight precedes shooting of 11-year-old Oakland girl

A sixth grader in Oakland was who was shot in the rear on Mother's Day returned home from the hospital on Monday night, but the bullet is still lodged inside her as the doctors said the swelling is still too great to take it out.

Still, Jalah Henry, 11, was in relatively good spirits on Tuesday and walking around on crutches at her family home as she recounted the harrowing tale on Sunday afternoon. She talked about how she protected her 5-year-old brother, Jules, from getting sprayed with bullets about 4 p.m. at 24th and Adeline streets as she was heading over to her grandmother's house to give her a card for Mother's Day - something she never got to do.

Jalah said she remembers asking police, "Am I going to die?" 

Her family also shared cell phone video of a physical fight on the sidewalk outside a corner store between her aunt and some women in the neighborhood that preceded her getting shot. The women shouted at her aunt that they were going to come back and kill her, according to Jalah's other relatives.

And about an hour after the threat, a man driving a black Kia SUV, with two of the women inside, came back to the street and started firing bullets, the relatives told KTVU. Oakland police have not announced any arrests, though they have recovered surveillance video from at least one of the neighborhood stores, a shop owner told KTVU.

"It was the worst day of my life," Jalah's mother, Sheila Brooks said. 

Jalah will need surgery to take out the bullet when the time is right, her mother said. In the meantime, Jalah is looking forward to returning to Claremont Middle School, where she said she gets straight As and enjoys art.

Her mother is grateful her daughter is alive.

"I could have lost my child," Brooks said. "Either one of them. What if that were your child? Wouldn't you want justice? I want justice."