Video of SFPD officers joking about shooting suspects spurs investigation

SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) -- The police chief of San Francisco on Friday condemned the behavior of two of his officers who were secretly recorded having a conversation about what they would and wouldn't want captured on their body cameras, calling it "unacceptable."

In the short video clip posted to Instagram in November of 2014, the two officers are seen laughing and joking about shooting suspects in public.

"Red splatter and then cherry pie all over the place!" exclaims one of the officers.

The police appear to be talking about evidence they would or would not want captured on body cameras. They were having the conversation in a Noe Valley donut shop, within earshot of customers.

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr told KTVU the matter was brought to his attention by another officer.

"We want to carry ourselves as the representatives of one of the most thoughtful, classy police departments in the country," said Suhr. "Doesn't look like that in the video to me."

An investigation is underway and the officers have been identified. People KTVU showed the video to said they expect more from police.

"That's pretty disgusting. you're talking about killing people, reasons why you shouldn't have body cams. We all should have body cams just for reasons like that," said Antioch resident Leeandre White.

"It just really did make me feel ill and sick to my stomach," said Elizabeth Hilton, who works for the SF Public Defender's office.

She had to view autopsy photos Friday, something that comes up regularly at her job. She says the officers in the video show a lack of sensitivity.

"I think part of it is because of the cavalier and joking manner in which they're talking about death," said Hilton.

Some Bay Area residents feel it creates a deeper rift between police and the people they swore to protect.

"Obviously, people do not care. They don't care. Like, it's if something were to happen, like what's to stop them? They have the law and they get away with everything," said Laron Hutcherson of Antioch.

The Chief said any conduct that falls outside of policy will result in discipline. The SFPD is asking the person who posted the clip to come forward so they can view the entire video to put it into context.