Video: Qdoba worker feeding disabled customer

A customer at the restaurant shot video of Ridge Quarles feeding a disabled woman several weeks ago.

The woman was reportedly a regular at the eatery and was familiar to the workers.

Quarles told a local TV station that he brought the woman her drink, utensils and a napkin and then asked her if she needed anything else.

"Sir, could you help me eat?" she replied.

The video then shows Quarles feeding her.

Qdoba posted a message about the act of kindness on its Facebook page:

"Hats off to our team in Louisville and a simple act of kindness that made a big impact. We are so proud to have had the privilege of having Ridge as a member of our team."

According to his Facebook page, Quarles now works for a web developer company.

"She always told me, Ridge, this is my most favorite place to eat," Quarles told a local TV station.