Vigil held for father and daughter killed in Oakland arson fire

Family and friends held a vigil Friday afternoon for a little girl and her father who were killed in an arson fire inside their home in East Oakland last weekend.

Aliyah Moslah was killed just before her second birthday, .along with her father 37-year-old Esam Moslah, who died trying to save her.

Moments earlier Moslah had gotten his wife, who is nine months pregnant, and his mother-in-law out of the flaming house.

"He's a hero. He saved my aunt and his wife. Then he goes back," says relative Abdul Alsammah.

The family wants those responsible arrested.

"This is not just deliberate arson. This is a terrorist attack," said relative Mohammed Alsammah.

Police say the arson may be connected to a shooting death and an earlier arson at the liquor store where Moslah worked.

Relatives say Moslah had no involvement in any criminal activity. He just worked at the store.

"What did we do to them. At least if there was a reason at least we can understand. But this is for no reason," said Mohammed Alsammah.

Moslah's wife is still in the hospital recovering from burns and is about to give birth. Her mother also suffered burns.

One family member came from Memphis, Tennessee to try to make sense out of the senseless.

"I can't believe what happened here. It's a dream," says Nagi Alkabash.

He was holding a burned dress that belonged to Aliyah.

"The clothes in my hand. It is all I have left from Aliyah. That's all we have left," he said.

Oakland Crime Stoppers is offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.