Visit an Amazon Experience Center in a Vallejo housing development

The nation's largest home builder has hooked up with the nation's leading home gadget purveyor to create a demonstration of a smart home you can experience in the booming East Bay suburb of Vallejo.

On Mare Island, in Lennar Homes’ Tovero development, one home is an Amazon Experience Center.  

"What we really decided is, we need to build homes for the way people live now, not the way they've always lived, and Amazon helps bring those to life," said Lennar Homes Bay Area President Tom Burrill.

With Wi-Fi a basic backbone of the home, labor saving, convenience and just plain old fun gadgets that you want or need, can be connected to the home's Wi-Fi brain, as they become available now and in the future. 

"We finally treated Wi-Fi as if it was plumbing or air conditioning or anything else,” said Burrill.

Lennar said there is no Wi-Fi blocked nook or cranny anywhere in a Wi-Fi certified home. "It's an investment in the home of the future. I mean, this is the way people live today," said Burrill.

If your command is, "Alexa. Movie time," the shades come down, the lights dim and the TV presents a movie menu. You are in command. You have push button access to basic needs to be quickly delivered by Amazon. 

And if you tell the Roomba to sweep, the Roomba sweeps, and then returns to its recharger by you command or when the battery gets low. It's the same with the thermostat and cameras when where you want to see them. From the kids' rooms to the door, from the backyard to the front yard, from doorbell to stairwell, you're in command.

If you tell Alexa it's party time, the shades lower a bit, a colored light show begins, along with whatever music you choose. In the bedroom, after checking the kid's room, you can tell Alexa good night as the shades lower, the lights dim, the exterior doors lock and Alexa gives a good night greeting. When you awake, a morning greeting, the lights go on, the shades lift, you get a quick weather, news and traffic report tailored to your commute.