Walnut Creek Swim Center extends summer hours due to heat

Six bucks to beat the heat, a worthy expense for people living in Contra Costa County faced with triple digit temperatures this week.

The Clarke Memorial Swim Center in Walnut Creek has one of the few pools in the county open during the peak hours of this heat wave. 

Most aquatic centers started their fall hours this week, which means they're only open on weekends for public swim. 

Walnut Creek pools were included, but they had a quick change of heart for the sake of the community. 

"We had quite a bit of feedback, some people saying 'I have another week or two before my kid starts school, extend the hours' and we have actually in the last week or two received tens if not a little over a hundred emails," said lifeguard, Jeff Lang.

They showed KTVU an email from someone complaining about the heat and wondering why the pools were closed.

So they extended their hours from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. for this week only, due to the extreme temperatures. 

"That's community at its finest if you ask me," said Tiffany Kavanaugh of Concord. 

Resting comfortably under the shade by the pool, we found one Concord woman with her two boys.
She said she called several pools and this was the only one close to her that was open.

"I was shocked to find out that the other pools were closed," said Kavanaugh. 

A young girl and her family traveled from Rodeo to this pool, for the same reason.

We asked Leila Abram where she would be if the pool were closed. She said "at home, sweating." 

Being in direct sunlight still calls for proper protection. Lifeguards sat under shaded umbrellas and swimmers lathered on the sunblock.

Across the parking lot from the pool, a rare site At Heather Farm Park where not a single child was in sight.
Come here mid-afternoon any other day and the playground is full of kids. 

"It's so hot outside, so we came in here to cool off, and we're walking around getting some steps in," said Angela Brown of Walnut Creek. 

Families instead chose the cool comforts of the Sunvalley Shopping Center in Concord.

Here's a fun fact: when it opened back in 1967 the mall was dubbed the world's largest air-conditioned shopping center.