Walnut Creek's Family Movie Night an outdoor hit

The city of Walnut Creek is offering a way for families to get outdoors at night and enjoy an event with others with social distance.

It's Friday night at the movies with a twist. Family Movie Night is outdoors at Civic Park and it's hosted by Walnut Creek's Arts and Rec Department.

"My kids don't get to experience a movie in a movie theater right now so we thought it would be a fun experience for them," says Kyria Bauer who brought her two young children.

There's no stadium seating, but there are blankets on the grass.

Instead of popcorn from the concession stand, people brought their own food.

"It's kind of a blend of camping and going out and watching movies. It's really cool," says Danny Cho who brought his four-year-old daughter.  

The temperature was pretty cool too.

"I don't do well in the cold so I come prepared with thick jackets. We're all wearing our ski jackets," says Kange Lee, a mother of two.  

Another mom says her family will be okay since she brought sleeping bags, blankets and jackets. 

On screen was an animated film: "Knomeo and Juliet" which delighted the children.

Parents say they enjoy the overall experience of being able to do something away from home, being among  people and still feel safe.

"Everyone is distanced and we're all in our own little pod," says Bauer.  

Each pod is a square outlined in chalk. 15 families attended the event, three shy of maximum capacity.

The price of admission is $25 for a family of up to six.

A swag bag filled with snacks and miscellaneous items is  given out to each family. 

"A lot of facilities are closed. Families don't really have anywhere to go. Kids are itching to get out.

It's a good combination of getting the family out as well as enjoying the parks with the kids," says Justin Bodily with Walnut Creek Arts and Recreation Department. 

This is the second time Walnut Creek is holding this event.

Some families were here for the first movie night held in January.

"I think it's a wonderful thing the city is putting on. Great family time. Good thing to do on the weekend. Yeah, I like it," says Cho.  

The city of Walnut Creek plans to host Family Movie Night once a month.

Workers say proceeds from tickets sales will help fund future socially distanced events.