Wanted felon busted after walking into CHP office


Here's KTVU crime reporter Henry Lee's Rap Sheet blog for Dec. 30, 2016:

IT WAS HIS CHOICE: Say you're wanted by the police. Don't want to get busted? Try not to walk into a copshop.

A Forestville man learned that lesson the hard way and was promptly arrested.

It all began Nov. 13 when California Highway Patrol Officer Piers Pritt spotted an Audi speeding and weaving in and out of traffic on Highway 101 near Todd Road in Santa Rosa. The officer tried to pull the car over but the driver sped away.

The Audi exited at Steele Lane and again took off when the officer tried to pull it over on surface streets.

The CHP and Santa Rosa police eventually found the Audi abandoned. Officers impounded it and learned that the driver was 32-year-old Lance Evans, said CHP Officer Jonathan Sloat.

Officers positively identified Evans as the driver from a recent booking photo, Sloat said.

Fast-forward to Thursday, when Evans called the Santa Rosa CHP office and asked how get his Audi out of impound, authorities said.

Evans was told the only way to get his car back would be to come into the office and show valid ID. He showed up Thursday afternoon and was promptly booked on suspicion of recklessly evading arrest.

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