Warriors coach Steve Kerr gets surprise reunion

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was surprised with a heartwarming visit from his long-ago past, during a time when he was just a teenager attending high school in Cairo, Egypt.

In a video posted by the Warriors on Tuesday, a suspicious Kerr was seen being brought into a room for the surprise at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, where he’s been attending the NBA Summer League to watch his young players compete.

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He’s led by the team's senior vice president of communications, Raymond Ridder, who said to Kerr, "Someone wants to say hi to you back from many, many years ago."

Inside the room, the coach was first greeted by a woman who then turned his attention to the guest of honor: "Your teacher," the woman announced.

A look of shock and then recognition can be seen washing over Kerr’s face, as he looked over at another woman, Barbara Johnson, who said, "I came all the way from Cairo to get your homework." 

The coach reached over holding both hands of his former teacher, and he joked, "It’s still under my… my dog ate it."

The two got a chance to catch up in the reunion which was engineered by Ridder.

"I received an email from her daughter," Ridder said, adding that Johnson, now 91 years old, was Kerr’s freshman and sophomore high school teacher in Egypt. "She now lives in Las Vegas," Ridder explained. 

Kerr, who was born in Beirut, Lebanon, spent three years as a teenager living in Cairo. He attended the international American school, Cairo American College, because of his father’s work as a university professor overseas, specializing in Middle East studies.

His father, Malcolm Hooper Kerr, was killed in 1984 in a terror attack in Beirut.

The Warriors VP of communications said that the last time Kerr saw his teacher was 42 years ago in 1981. 

"He was completely shocked and overjoyed," Ridder said.

Jason Appelbaum contributed to this story.