Warriors playoff hopes high as team wins final home game of the season

Chase Center was loud and proud Tuesday night at as the Warriors won their final home game of the regular season.

What's next for the Warriors in post season is still up in the air. They have two more games to play in post season that will help determine their post season fate. 

Dub Nation says the big win at home helped the Warriors gain momentum going into the post season. 

Strength in numbers was in play for the Warriors last home game final home game. Team officials say this was the 471st consecutive sellout. Expectations were sky-high for yet another successful post season run.  

"How long can they keep this going? I hope a couple more years," said Warriors fan Aaron Velo of Modesto.  

The Warriors have the NBA's 3rd best home record but have struggled on the road. The team will play the two final games left in the season away from home.

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"We have faith in them we just expect them to win . Spoiled? Yes," said fan Angie Gill from South San Francisco.  

There is good news for fans. Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins, who has been on leave for a personal reason since February, is now officially back with the team. He didn't play this game but is expected to soon. KTVU asked him about being part of the team's possible post-season run.  

"That's the best part about basketball, the most competitive part. I've been away from the game a little while but I'm excited to get back," said Wiggins.

A family who flew in from Texas to attend this game was also excited.  They said this was their first time at Chase.

"It's amazing. It's a lot. We're taking it all in," said fan Marcella Salinas from Brownsville, Texas, who was with her two daughters and her sister Angel Saldana. 

Saldana said watching the game live with other Warriors fans is a novelty.

"There's a different feeling being here in general," Saldana said. "Last year, we were at OKC and Dallas. And there were all of OKC fans, Dallas fans. This time, we get to be with our own fans so it's a good time."  

One fan said she added to her enjoyment of the game with an outfit she made herself.

"I'm shakin' and shimmerin.'  It's a Warrior thing.  I dress for the occasion," said fan Kecia Graham from Fairfield.

The Warriors are scheduled to play the Sacramento Kings Friday and the Portland Trail Blazers Sunday. And every game is crucial.  The outcome will help determine if the team goes straight to the playoffs or if they'll have to compete in the do-or-die play-in tournament. 

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