Warriors set new franchise record with 311 consecutive sellout games

The Golden State Warriors reached another milestone. 

Thursday night's game against the Portland Trailblazers at Oracle Arena was the team's 311 consecutive sellout game—a new franchise record. 

Fans say this is one more reason to celebrate the Warriors. They arrived at Oracle Arena with a sense of anticipation. The mood was festive as they enjoyed the holidays by attending a Warriors game.

"First time coming here. It's my birthday. Love the Warriors," says Johan Gavieres, a fan from South San Francisco. 

Fans say love for the Warriors is the driving force behind the streak of 311 consecutive sellout games that started December 18, 2012.

Fans say the Warriors' Christmas Day blowout loss to the Lakers isall the more reason to be at Oracle Arena on this night.

"This season has been a little challenge for them. I thought I'd come support them," says Angie Bustos from South San Francisco. 

"We got a lot of talent. Maybe it's just gelling a little late this year," said Angie Simon from Redwood City. 

Under Coach Steve Kerr who joined the team in 2014, this has been the Warriors roughest start. Tuesday's game was the team's 12th loss. Last year, the Warriors didn't lose their 12th game until February.

"Thankful for the fans, for their constant support. It's a huge help night in and night out playing on our home floor," says Kerr. 

Wilfred Gee from Foster City says he and his wife waited four years to season ticket holders. It was worth the wait, they said. They describe themselves as loyal fans since the 1960's who've seen the team’s ups and downs. 

"There's nothing like a Warriors fan. There just isn't," says Sonia Gee. 

Fans say the consecutive sellout streak is evidence of a loyal fan base and that they "believe" in the Warriors. 

"We stuck with them. We've enjoyed it even in the bad times," says Adeline Armstrong from Fremont. 

"It shows that regardless of how the team is doing, the community is going to stand behind them. I think that's awesome," says Teyahnee Ridgle from Sacramento. 

The Warriors consecutive sellout record is the fourth longest currently active in the 

Dallas is first. Miami is second and Oklahoma City is third. 

The Warriors next home game will be against Houston Thursday, January 3.