WATCH: Fire crew in Reno frees 3 little bears trapped inside trash bin overnight

Firefighters in Reno helped free a few furry scavengers that had found themselves trapped in a difficult situation in the middle of the night.

Late Saturday, crew members of the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District, Station 39 said they were awoken by the crashing sound of their garbage dumpster outside being tipped over.

The crew waited until morning to investigate.

In the light of day, it didn't take long to figure out what had happened. "When daylight came, an agitated momma bear could be seen watching over the bin," the fire district wrote on social media.

Video posted on Twitter and Facebook shows firefighter/paramedic Ed Martin carefully opening the tipped over dumpster to see what awaited inside.

To their surprise, the fire crew found not one, not two, but three cubs hiding out in the rubbish.   

Video shows each cub slowly stepping out of the garbage bin before scampering away into the woods. The third and final cub appears a little more apprehensive to leave its cushy overnight accommodations but eventually runs off to join its siblings. 

"YOU DON'T SEE THIS OFTEN," wrote the fire district in its post.

It was good old-fashioned teamwork that led to the safe release of the cubs. 

While Martin waited for the bears to scamper out, engineer Patrick Walsh was off camera making sure the mother bear was pre-occupied. (Capt. Michael Trevino was the camera man and documented the whole event.)

The cubs were presumably safely reunited with their momma without further incident, thanks to the work Station 39. 

The rescue demonstrated how the work of a firefighter spans a wide range. 

On Facebook, the fire district tagged its post with the hashtag #LifeOfAFirefighter.