WATCH: Hayward man followed home then robbed at gunpoint

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Hayward police are searching for two suspects wanted in connection with a brazen, broad daylight armed robbery.

Surveillance video obtained by Fox 2 shows the crime in progress, on a sunny Saturday afternoon July 13.

"Scared like hell. It scared me," said the victim, who asked we conceal his identity since he's still fearful the alleged criminals could come back for retribution.

Several cameras are mounted to the exterior of his home, which provide multiple angles of the crime. He says he and his wife had just returned to their home in the College Park section of Hayward. After parking, two men approach from behind, one holding a gun.

"He told me ‘I have a gun here.' It looked like a semi-automatic handgun, black in color. And then he demanded my watch, my wallet, and then he tapped on my side pocket, and he got my cell phone," the victim said.

The two alleged thieves ran back to a waiting car around the corner and sped off. The victim, first thought to give chase, but then used his wife's cell phone to call  911.

The victim believes he first made contact with the two suspects inside this Burger King fast-food restaurant because he remembers their clothing. He says he believes the pair watched him and his wife as they ate, and then followed them as they left and drove a mile to their home, where they approached and committed the crime.

Hayward police are investigating but did not have an officer available for an on-camera interview. The victim says the thieves stole five credit cards and a new, California REAL-ID driver's license. He believes the suspects from Saturday's armed robbery are the same people who've committed other crimes in the neighborhood.

"They may be the same guys who've been casing this neighborhood. Because they followed me because I think they know exactly where I live," the victim said.

He immigrated from the Philippines to the U.S. 40 years ago, never imagining the "Land of Opportunity" would become a place where the elderly get robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight.