WATCH: Kids Choose Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones Over Themselves

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Some Georgia children were faced with a very tough question this Christmas, but their answers will likely warm your heart! 

Kids from the Metro Atlanta Boys & Girls Club were asked by UP TV what they want for the holiday and what their parents want as well. Then, after being given both presents, they were faced with a difficult decision: if they can only keep one present, for themselves or for their parents, what would they pick? 

Their answers are touching! Every single child picked the gift for their parents. 

In the video, one boy explained why he chose to keep the present for his dad over himself. 

"Because Legos don't matter," he answered. "Your family matters. Not Legos, not toys. Your family. So, it's either family or Legos, and I choose family."

After the children were interviewed, the were reunited with their families and given both gifts in a well-deserved surprise! 

"If these kids can give up what they wanted for Christmas, then so can we," the video said in the end. 

According to UP TV, 83% of children at Boys & Girls Club in Atlanta come from low-income families. 

APP USERS: Watch the adorable clip here (Video courtesy: UP TV, produced by Robert Bliss Creative)