Ways to keep holiday packages secure

Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year, and if projections hold true, it could surpass all previous records. 

Amazon said it was more than ready for the holiday rush.

"Cyber Monday is our championship. We have been preparing for this since January 1 of this year, so we are ready to deliver for customers," says Amazon spokesperson Natalie Banke.

At the company's same-day fulfillment center in Richmond, items purchased on Cyber Monday were already prepared for delivery.

Amazon hired 30,000 seasonal workers in California to help meet demand. They also implemented new measures to help keep packages safe.

"Amazon has put in place different technologies. Now you're able to track your package, how many stops it is away from your delivery destination. You can also check when it will be delivered and choose the day you want it delivered," said Banke.

Otherwise, thieves could get to packages before customers do.

"As we see shipments related to the holidays increase, package theft obviously becomes top of mind," said Captain Ian White of the Campbell Police Department.

So, officers are proactive. Each year, they deliver a few packages to porches in the area.

"We work with citizens in Campbell to put out bait packages that are equipped with tracking devices that we can actively monitor if they're taken," White said.

He said the bait packages seem to be working. The department is seeing fewer porch pirates in Campbell and more arrests.

"We've been very successful in apprehending people involved in package theft year over year in the region," White said.

He recommended taking  additional precautions, such as, "Using Amazon drop boxes, coordinating with your neighbors if you know they're going to be home to pick up packages you're expecting, or even having them shipped to your workplace if that's an option."