Wedding: a net 400 ft. above a canyon, slacklining, BASE jumping (VIDEO)

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In November, two were wed by exchanging “hell yeahs” from high up.

Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin were married on a space net 400 feet above a canyon in Moab, Utah, which is known for its breathtaking mesas and buttes. A space net is essentially an oversized hammock strung up by multiple slacklines. And slacklining is the act of walking or balancing on a flat webbing tensioned by two anchors.  

Both Jenks and Weglin are experienced slackliners, though not all those in attendance are comfortable walking a line just one-inch-wide, so modifications were made. Andy Lewis, an internationally recognized extreme sports athlete, helped rig the setup so loved ones – non-slackliners – could join the adrenaline-charged altar and so Weglin’s dad could walk her down the “aisle.”


Underneath the net were BASE jumping flower girls who packed their parachutes with real petals and aerial artists that performed on silks and lyra. And a prank even made its way into the celebration via the ring bearer. In a video that went viral, Lewis is seen dropping “the rings” through the net – they were washers. Both the bride and groom were hip to the hoax, but it did manage to fake out the crowd.

And after the ceremony, they jumped. 

A total of 12 people including Jenks and Weglin leaped off the edge and parachuted down – same place where the rings were properly retrieved through repelling, because no littering. And to finalize the celebration, they held the reception in a rave tent pinned down to an awe-inspiring stretch of land.