Wells Fargo extends branch hours after mobile system outage

Wells Fargo customers continued to experience problems Friday related to Thursday’s system outage, ranging from wondering if their direct deposits went through on payday to having debit cards denied. 

On Thursday morning, Wells Fargo acknowledged a nationwide problem related to its online banking and mobile app. The company said they were experiencing system issues due to a power shutdown at one of their facilities. 

Alex Wenkheimer in Blue Earth, Minnesota was one of many customers to voice their frustrations online. She was concerned about making a payment on her student loan through Wells Fargo.

“I noticed when I was trying to pay my student loan payment and then I noticed all the talk on social media and was more aware of the problem,” she said. 

Wells Fargo still will not say whether an incident at a Wells Fargo server facility in Shoreview, Minnesota the same day was connected to the company’s widespread online banking and mobile app problems. 

The Lake Johana Fire Department confirmed dust from construction triggered the fire suppression system inside an interior computer room at the Shorview facility around 5 a.m. Thursday. 

Wells Fargo will not say whether the Shoreview facility is the same main data center facility referred to in their statement, which said system issues were “due to a power shutdown at one of our facilities, initialed after smoke was detected following routine maintenance.” 

In response to the power shutdown, applications were systematically re-routed to backup data centers through Thursday. 

At this point, Wells Fargo ATM services have been restored. Some payroll deposit, which were not visible for some time, can be seen again and while mobile and online banking systems are operating, they continue to experience delays. 

"It's always concerning when you can't go find information, especially about your specific account,” said Michael Koenig, a Wells Fargo customer from Iowa. “It makes you a little nervous as to what's going on."

After issuing multiple alerts and apologies, Wells Fargo is also extending branch location hours across the country by one hour both Friday and Saturday. 

Wenkheimer said getting through to customer service has been the biggest frustration of all. 

“Just more information for their customers and when am I going to be able to make a payment, is it going to negatively affect my credit score and all that. All that is just running through my head,” she said. 

In their latest statement to customers, Wells Fargo said any fees incurred because of these issues will be reversed.