Wendy Williams setting the record straight on new comedy tour

Outspoken television personality Wendy Williams joined Mornings on 2 to chat about her new comedy tour, living the single life, and motherhood.

Williams is not letting her high-profile divorce from husband of 21 years, Kevin Hunter, get in the way of her happiness. The 'Hot Topics' queen says she's living her best life. 

"I'm happy and I'm healthy and I have peace with everyone," she declared. "I feel in full control of my life." 

She's getting back into the dating scene but admits it's a whole new world to her. 

"When do I get to take my wig off? When can I take a number two," she questioned. 

The talk show host is the go-to voice for celebrity gossip, but her personal drama has put her in the hot seat. 

"I've become a hot topic myself. I can't deny that" she admitted.

Williams later added: "This life has become so weird. I don't like being on this site, but I will roll with the punches. The great thing is I have the purple chair, a platform to either say 'yes,' 'no,' or 'maybe so.'" 

She kicks off her comedy tour "For The Record…. Umm Hmmm!" at Oakland's Paramount Theatre on Saturday. For a chance to win free tickets click here