Who is putting up the 'love letter' red mailboxes in Alameda?

In Alameda, you don't have to wait until Valentine's Day to get a love letter.

No one is sure who put them up but there are least six red mailboxes on the island where you can read a love letter - or write one to someone else.

There are two trays inside the mailboxes. One is filled with blank white cards in red envelopes. And the other has already written love letters.

You'll also find hand sanitizer, instructions and small sharpened pencils on the mailboxes' doors.

There's a message: Love is in the air.

A couple who passed by on Tuesday told KTVU they thought the mailboxes were very touching and something that could bring people closer during the pandemic. 

If you're inclined to read a letter, or write one, head over to one of the red mailboxes.

They can be found on Versailles, between Lincoln and Santa Clara, San Jose Street at Willow, Pacific at Morton and Santa Clara and Fifth, among other spots.