With husband deployed couple takes maternity photos from 7,000 miles apart

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A couple hired a Texas photographer to document the precious time as they wait for their daughter's arrival.

However, since they could not be in the same location for the maternity shoot they took the photo from 7,000 miles apart. 

Wesley was serving overseas during his wife Nicole's pregnancy.  

The photographer, Traci Lynn, was asked to take photos so Wesley had pictures to hold dear of the pregnancy while he was overseas.

"Nicole was bummed that Wesley wouldn't be there for the maternity session, so we came up with a plan," said Traci Lynn. 

Wesley wasn't expected to arrive home in time for the birth of their daughter, who they have decided to name Pyper. However, since Nicole developed hypertension and had to deliver this week the Red Cross was able to help get Wesley home in time. 

Traci Lynn wrote on her blog, "Everyone please keep this sweet family in your thoughts, as they welcome their little sailor baby into the world."